Screwidea is a small collective that collaborates on self-published projects as an outlet from our day-to-day client driven work. is the means of promoting this work.

Screwidea was formed after two members of nine-person collective NuIdea had their posters singled out for rejection by the City of Savannah. NuIdea created a series of posters addressing the responsbility inherent with our First Amendment right to freedom of assembly. Being topical to the G8 Summit being held near Savannah, Georgia, the City thought that these posters would be a great opportunity to reach out the to the activists, since the goal of the posters was neither to support nor refute any stance by the G8 or of the demonstrators.

However, at the last minute, the city decided two of the posters (the ones featured on this website) would not be printed. With no explanation offered. Later the group was told that it was Mayor Otis Johnson that decided these two posters would be rejected from being printed as part of the collective.

This site was originally a response to this decision, but also it’s meant as a platform for us to express our more specific views, outside the NuIdea collective.

We still support NuIdea, screwidea is meant as a friendly, envious jab, but also to express our feeling of being ‘screwed’ by the City of Savannah. No group – be it NuIdea, screwIdea or the City of Savannah, should take itself so seriously to be above criticism or parody.

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